The call for abstracts for the 14th IPC is now closed.

We are delighted with the interest in the conference. We received total of 159 abstracts from 31 countries across the globe, making this a truly international conference.

Key Dates:
▪ 28 February 2023 – First round of abstract submissions – DONE
▪ 13 March 2023 – First round abstract status notifications – DONE
▪ 31 March 2023 – Final round of abstract submissions – CLOSED
▪ 20 April 2023 – Final abstract status notifications
▪ 30 September 2023 –  Final submission of papers to African Zoology to be considered

The conference will take place under the following themes:
▪ Invasive species
▪ Economically important species (pests/bait species)
▪ Education
▪ Systematics and phylogenetics
▪ Taxonomy and morphology
▪ Physiology and ecology
▪ Developmental morphology

Submit your abstract here:

A Special Issue for the International Polychaete Conference will be published in African Zoology in April 2024.

African Zoology is the journal of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa and is co-published by NISC (Pty) Ltd and Taylor & Francis.

▪ 31 March 2023 – Final date for abstract submission to IPC – CLOSED
▪ Please indicate your interest in contributing to the special issue when submitting your abstract.
▪ 30 September 2023 –  Final submission of papers to African Zoology to be considered.
▪ April 2024 – Publication of Special Issue

NISC together with ZSSA will be looking for a Special Issue cover. 

Submissions have now closed.

Winner will be announced at the conference.

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