On behalf of the Organising Committee, we would like to invite all veterinary immunologists to attend the 14th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium (IVIS2025), which will be held from 12-14 August 2025, in Vienna Austria.

This is the first time this symposium will be hosted in Vienna, providing a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from Europe and around the globe in this historic and vibrant city. Experience the rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and exquisite local cuisine that Vienna has to offer!

We believe that immunology research provides a crucial knowledge base for generating new therapies, disease management, and vaccination approaches, and that IVIS 2025 will provide an opportunity for all veterinary immunologists from the global community to meet, engage, and learn from one another.

Join us at IVIS 2025 for cutting-edge discussions and networking in veterinary immunology and connect with global experts in the vibrant city of Vienna.

More information will be provided soon.