Skukuza Camp

“Welcoming You with the Roar of Lions”

Skukuza is the Kruger National Park’s largest rest camp and administrative headquarters. It is situated on the southern banks of the Sabie River. The camp is well foliaged and there are some lofty trees along the rivers edge. Activities and facilities are diverse, as are the animal and plants found both within the camp and in the surrounding area.

Important Information
Please ensure that your stay is happy and safe by taking note of a few simple warnings. You will be sharing your stay with many exciting and unusual creatures but without knowledge some of them could be dangerous!

Bats, Spiders, Snakes, Scorpions, Malaria Zone.

If you must walk around at night please do not do so without a torch.

By feeding any wildlife, you are signing their death warrant as they become aggressive.

Kruger is in a summer rainfall area. Such precipitation is usually convectional and can results in heavy downpours. The summer months (October to April) are hot and often balmy. Winters are warm and mild, although visitors going on night-drives will require warm clothing.

Activities for overnight residents only. The third is in a separate new day visitor’s area, located downstream from the main camp.• Game Drives (Night and Morning)

  • Bush Breakfast and Braai (Barbeque)
  • Golf
  • Guided Bush Walks
  • Stevenson Hamilton Memorial Library
  • Wilderness Trail (Metsi Metsi)

Kids Educational Programme
3 Swimming pools, two of these are in camp and

These activities will ensure an exciting bush experience. All bookings as well as further details of these activities are available from the Skukuza reception.


  • Information at Reception 08h00 – 18h00
  • Public telephone – All hours
  • Post Office – 09h00 – 15h00
  • Bank – 09h00-15h00
  • Basic First Aid
  • Restaurant – 07h00-09h00 breakfast, 12h00-14h00 lunch, 18h00-21h00 dinner
  • Cafeteria
  • Shop
  • Emergency Road Services
  • Garage with Workshop
  • Petrol Station
  • Laundromat
  • 9 Hole Golf Course – 013 735 5543
  • Auditorium and Conference Facilities
  • Car Wash
  • Limited DSTV Available in Luxury Units
  • Avis Car rental – 013 735 5651

The Parks Shops
Skukuza has a relatively large shop were a variety of items can be purchased including:

  • Curios
  • Safari and Ethnic clothing
  • Binoculars, books, camera films and Videos on wild life
  • Magazines
  • Meat, groceries, fresh milk, vegetables and bread daily.
  • Beverages: Spirits, Beer, Wine Cold Drinks, Fruit Juices and Mineral water
  • Hardware (limited stock)
  • Sweets and snacks
  • Medicines (non-prescription)
  • Stationary and stamps
  • Braai wood and other accessories

Handy Hints and Tips

  • All accommodation, ablution and kitchen facilities are serviced by cleaning staff on a daily basis.
  • Vehicle fuel is available near the reception at the main gate.
  • Currently bedding is supplied in all accommodation except for self camping.
  • Cooking utensils and refrigeration are provided in most accommodation units, exceptions will be indicated while booking.
  • Adults 12 years and above.
  • Child (2-11 years), under 2 years – free.
  • Additional Person Supplements are applicable to those units where number of beds exceeds the base occupancy, if these beds are occupied.
  • No animals may be brought into a National Park.
  • Plan your trip – do not try and cover too great a distance. The Kruger National Park is a massive tract of land an frequently visitors try to cover too much ground. Slow travel and regular stopping produces much more action than covering a lot of ground.
  • Early mornings and evening time are usually the most productive game viewing periods.
  • Remember to bring a camera, binoculars, bird and wildlife reference books, and a hat and sunscreen lotion. Also remember to take along medicine such as anti-histamine and lotion for insect stings and bites.
  • Do not leave any food unattended, as thieving monkeys and baboons are a constant threat.

General Malaria Information
Malaria is a word many people associate with game parks in Africa. However, only two of the South African National Parks are in a malaria risk area and they are the Kruger National Park and Mapungubwe National Park, although at both these venues the risk is usually low. Historically there have been incidences of malaria in other parks, but then there are recorded incidences of malaria from urban Europe and other non-risk areas. But to all intents and purposes Kruger is the only malaria risk park in the SANParks’set-up.

Anti-malaria prophylactics are thus recommended by visitors for Kruger. The highest risk period is between December and April (end of the rainy season). A 24-hour malaria hotline is available on +27 (0)82 234 1800 to give detailed explanation on risk and advice on precautionary measures. Visitors wishing to make use of prophylactics should consult a knowledgeable medical practitioner or recognized travel clinic about recommended medication, as certain products cause nausea, hallucinations or other negative side effects with certain people.

There are so many creatures to see and sightings of rare species can be the highlight of your trip! Keep up to date with the movements of the wildlife in the Kruger National Park by consulting the sightings map at reception, it is updated daily!

Areas of special interest
In camp

  • Stevenson Hamilton Memorial Library
  • Dog Graveyard
  • Selati Restaurant – the old railway carriage has been converted into a restaurant and sports bar

Out of camp

  • Kruger Tablets
  • Lake Panic Bird Hide
  • Nursery
  • Stevenson Hamilton Memorial
  • Granokop

Five Things to seek

  1. Fruit Bat
  2. Thick-tailed Bush Baby
  3. Warthog
  4. Spotted Hyena
  5. Purple-crested Lourie

Plan your trip to adhere to gate closing times
The southern part of the Kruger National Park is approximately 5 to 6 hour’s drive from Gauteng. Remember to plan your trip to make sure you are in the camp by these times.

Gate closing times
January, February, November and December 18h30
March, April, august, September, and October 18h00
May, June and July 17h30

International delegates can fly to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (Nelspruit) or directly into Skukuza Airport from Johannesburg or Cape Town.