Important information regarding CPD allocation and the SAVC Online Portal

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  1. Structured points
  • You will receive structured CPD points for attending veterinary congresses/events/online courses/ webinars, and such.
  • You can download the CPD points allocation document under the CPD menu in the Registree Portal to check these allocations.
  • Providers will upload your CPD points when you attended their events which were accredited via the Online CPD Provider Portal since October 2019.
  • You do not need a certificate when Providers upload CPD points from their side.
  • *Before you attend a CPD event though, find out whether the provider will upload CPD points or if it is still an event which were accredited before the new electronic system came into place – then they would still have to provide proof of attendance which you will have to keep safe.
  1. Structured points: Individual Accreditation (Individual allocation of points)
  • Points for individual accreditation is also included under structured points in the structured column.
  • This will be for conferences attended abroad, local events with 5 people or less and presenting.
  • This is a new functionality and we only just started with this electronic process at the beginning of September of this year.
  • The process is basically the same as before, you can still submit your applications to Lenora Erasmus with the proof of attendance.
  • The difference is that she will now submit these applications via the electronic platform for accreditation and once accredited, the Administration will upload your points.
  • For all previous manual individual applications, you will still have to keep your certificates.
  1. Manually accredited events
  • For all manually accredited events, before the electronic CPD accreditation portal came into place in October 2019:
  • Keep all your certificates/proof of attendance.
  • These points cannot be uploaded to your profile. Not without an electronic accreditation number and not as a certificate.
  • These points, together with the uploaded points, amounts to your total structured points until 2024, when all cycles become aligned with the online process.