Dear Partners and Supporters,

This year’s meeting is very different from our past offerings. Using our stunning and creative virtual platform will allow for a bold new approach to sponsorship and exhibition stands set-up.

With a separate Exhibition Hall, you can book a virtual booth or become a sponsor at this year’s virtual AOAC Sub-Saharan Africa Section Meeting. Taking place from 8-11 November 2021, the meeting and exhibition hopes to attract more than 250 attendees.

Exhibition opportunities at this year’s meeting will be hosted on a state-of-the-art online platform; the virtual exhibition will provide a dedicated branded space for organisations to share information, answer questions and start conversations with potential customers and leads. Your online booth will house your company branding, logo, promotional video and company profile, with a click-through to your website and a chat/meet function.  Information sharing with videos and pamphlets, on-line calls with sales staff and attendees, together with access to a networking lounge for formal/informal gatherings and meetings. All attendees have “virtual briefcases” for adding your materials, contact and company details.

Under the guidance of Corné Engelbrecht, we will be happy to showcase the potential of this platform, and guide you through the set-up process.

The exhibition will run over four days and will be linked to, and marketed during the main meeting presentations.

To reserve your spot, please complete the online booking form by clicking on the link below: