The year 1920 was a special year in the history of veterinary science in South Africa, when both the Faculty of Veterinary Science and the South African Veterinary Association were founded. Next year these events will be celebrated and commemorated as the start of both Veterinary Education and the national veterinary associations.

The aim will be to ensure that subsequent developments are also marked and celebrated in the most inclusive way possible. Thus everyone in the veterinary and para-veterinary family is invited to participate and contribute. 

We are in the process of tracing the history of veterinary education, and are keen to obtain as many old documents and photographs as possible – from formal university documents to documents linked to both sports and other clubs and societies, to information on the curriculum, academic and other awards, to photographs (class photos, sports team photos, student committee photos, etc., etc.). We would like to use the pictures in a centenary website, to create multiple collages in the Theiler Building and in an e-book. 

If possible, we would like to collect documents and photographs, use the information/images in our research and donate the originals to the UP Archive where they will be available for future generations but, if you prefer, we will return the originals to you. The UP archive, an official affiliate of the National archive, was made the custodian of veterinary educational documentation from 2002, and includes both UP and MEDUNSA archived documentation.

In addition, we would like to publish a collection of special stories/recollections, both of an academic, sports and social nature. You do not have to be a writer or celebrated author to write your story – where necessary, we will arrange for editing. 

Please help us commemorate 100 years of veterinary education and service, in all its various aspects, as accurately as possible.

If you have something to contribute, please contact Mrs Rene Abernethy on [email protected] or 012 529 8537, or Dr Paul van Dam on [email protected] or 012 529 8203.